3 Hour Super Challenge

On the 16th of July 14 TF clients participated in the 3 hour super challenge. This challenge was designed to get them to push beyond their normal limits in terms of physical activity. All participants took part in the following:

1st hour – HIIT session comprising mainly body weight exercises

2nd hour- the Super 8 Session comprising of 8 exercises, 8 reps of each, 8 rounds through

3rd hour – MST(modified strong man training) This session allowed our trainer Matt to showcase his passion of Strong man training as he is a strong man competitor. This session gave the clients a chance to dig deep and lift, push and pull weighted objects they have never lifted before.

Following the 3 hours of exercise Todd gave an education spot on Post Workout Nutrition and cooked several items for everyone to have as a light breakfast.

All clients completed the full three hours and some feedback from that event can be found on the ‘what our clients say page.

brett and jerry strong mantoddgroup4group1group3group 2kettle bells

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