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Mindfullness during your workout

What is mindfulness? It’s a simple, but challenging mental technique adapted from a Buddhist practice. Some people may think its about clearing your head and thinking about “nothing”. But in theory it’s actually more than that, its stepping back and hearing your thoughts without judgment with a relaxed but a focused mind. The world and […]

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Exercise right on your next trip

If you are heading off on holidays or even a short getaway and don’t want to miss out on a little bit of training just to keep up the routine. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions are perfect when you’re short on time. Dedicate 15-30 minutes first thing to getting your exercise done and dusted, […]

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Did you know?

The ‘core’ includes any muscles that attach to your pelvis, spine and ribs. Crunches alone won’t slim the midsection; if you want a flat belly you’ll need to incorporate cardio to burn those calories Scheduling in rest days gives your body the time it needs to recover and improve It takes 12 weeks of an […]

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Mindful eating

Mindful eating is an application of a broader approach to living called mindfulness. It involves being fully aware of what is happening within and around you at the moment. Mindful eating can reduce your daily calorie intake. By paying attention to what you are putting into your mouth, you are more likely to make healthier […]

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Functional Fitness trains your body for LIFE!

As most of you would notice we spend a lot of time designing and creating programs that are focussed on functional fitness for your stage of life, your sport or general body maintenance. Sometimes there are exercises that you don’t particularly like but they play an important role in your body mechanics and wellbeing as […]

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Starting 2018 off in a good way

January can be the hardest time of year to get yourself motivated to exercise yet it’s the time people most chose to re set their fitness goals. Getting motivated to get back into your routine can be a challenge in its self. One of the best ways to get back into it is to find […]

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