Biggest Loser 3-hour Super Challenge 16TH July 2016

 14 clients recently participated in our 3-hour Super Challenge. This was a challenge designed for clients to see just how far they could push themselves physically and mentally. How it worked on the day , their trainers Matt and Michelle  ran a 3  circuit based exercise sessions. It was be followed by a light healthy snack and an education spot on Post workout nutrition by Todd. This was the plan:

7am – 7:45 minutes         HIIT with Matt        7:50 – 8:50 CRAZY 8’s with Michelle

9 – 50 MST – Modified Strongman Training with Matt         10-10:30 Light Healthy snack and education spot

While most of the clients doubted their ability to see it through to the end we (trainers) we confident they would be fine. They surprised themselves, everybody completed the full 3 hours. Some of the feedback from the session is below:

“Hi Michelle, I was pretty nervous prior to this gym session I was not sure if I could go the distance, but I had the time of my life  

and loved every minute of the challenge. Both trainers did a great job and challenge us all. After the event I felt tried but not exhausted as I thought I would, I surprise myself at what I could do. Sunday afternoon sore but still would do it again. Sign me up for the next 3 hour challenge. Love the nutrition session, Todd needs to cook for us more often.Thanks Todd, Michelle and Matt for a great morning” Many Thanks Mel T 

Hi Michelle, I loved it !   Each of the sessions were different and this I really liked. I’d like to see maybe one of these every 6 months? The Strongman lifting at the end was great and happy that Matt took the time to show us all how to lift so not to get any injuries. I thought I could do it as I had done one of these 3 hour sessions before when I had not been going to the gym as much or as regular. I kept on moving on Saturday and felt good, was body sore yesterday, but it was expected. Also we had a great group who took part and you trainers all rock ! ” Kathy V  

brett and jerry strong man getting ready group 2 group1 group3 group4 kettle bells todd

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