Gluteal weakness causing knee pain

How can a weakness of the glutes be responsible for knee pain?

Your physio or Dr may have told you that one of your causes of knee pain is a weakness in the Glute max or Glute med.

The Gmed assist the Gmax in controlling the alignment of the hip through the knee to the foot during the gait cycle (walking/running). If for some reason the Gmed is weak the knee can drift inward when walking or running.

Antagonists (a muscle that opposes the action of another)

the adductors are the antagonistic to the Gmed , and if there is an underlying factor that causes the inner thigh muscle (adductors) to become tight and shortened this might in turn be a causing factor for weakness of the Gmed.

Dangerous Pattern of Compensation—If the adductors have become the main stabilizing muscle instead of the Gmed, this compensation pattern takes the hip into increased rotation towards the middle of the body, as a result, the knee drifts towards the middle because of the increased medial rotation of the femur caused by the tight adductors and the weakened Gmed. As this compensation pattern continues it can be precursory to loading of the MCL and the underlying attachment to the medial meniscus because of the altered biomechanics.

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