Learning to Run- Tips

Running Shoes
  1. Warm-up – 10 minute walk – Warming up before running is essential. This warm-up walk will get your heart rate up and your blood pumping.
  2. Easy jog – 30-60 seconds

Starting with a slow, comfortable jog will allow you to focus on your technique and breathing. Breathe deeply into your belly, rather than just into your chest.

  1. Recover with walking – 60-90 seconds

A period of intense exercise followed by recovery is known as interval training. This walk is designed to keep your heart rate up, but still give you a chance to catch your breath.

  1. Repeat sequence x 10 – This will give you a total running time of 5-10 minutes, which you should aim to increase each week.
  2. Cool down -10 minute walk

Loosen up and take deep breaths. This walk will help prevent soreness and aid with recovery

  1. Stretch! – Stretching is an important part of your exercise routine to help prevent injury.

To reduce the risk of injury, increase your distance, speed or continuous running time by a maximum of 10 percent each week. Also try to run on varied surfaces, with some grass and dirt if possible.


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