New Year’s GOALS (not resolutions), here’s some tips to help you make them work:

  1. goalsFocus on one goal, rather than several and set realistic, specific goals. Losing weight is not a specific goal. Losing 5kg in 3 months would be;
  2. Make your goal setting for better health a year long process, every day; not just something to be done at the beginning of the year
  3. Take small steps. Many people quit because the goal is too big requiring too much effort and action all at once; Break each goal down, eg: 500 gram loss each week and change a habit, or create a new one.
  4. Have an accountability buddy, someone close to you to whom you have to report;  your trainers are good for this but so are your friends and family
  5. Celebrate your success between milestones. Don’t wait for he goal to be finally completed; small rewards will keep you enthusiastic
  6. Focus your thinking on new behaviours and thought patterns. You have to create new neural pathways in your brain to change habits; for example if you are used to have a big glass of wine at the end of the day, use the same glass but half fill it, your brain thinks you are doing the same thing but reducuing the serving size will give you changes
  7. Focus on the present. What’s the one thing you can do today, right now, towards your goal? Every small step counts, it can be as simple as drinking one extra glass of water a day, or adding an extra 10 minutes to your walk.
  8. Be mindful. Become physically, emotionally and mentally aware of your inner state as each external event happens, moment-by-moment, rather than living in the past or future.

And finally, don’t take yourself so seriously. Have fun and laugh at yourself when you slip, but don’t let the slip hold you back from working at your goal.


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