Stretching For Seniors: What are the benefits, why should I do it?

stretchAs they age senior citizens begin slowing down their movements and even giving up their regular routines to avoid injury and falls. however, it is extremely important to keep muscles strong, even when one cannot walk or move for long periods of time. That’s where stretching for seniors carries the most benefits.

Stretching is relaxing and soothing, and can help strengthen muscles and improve joints. Stretches for seniors aren’t difficult or time consuming- just enough to get the body moving. It takes a few minutes a day without having to get into any uncomfortable positions. With time, senior citizens can enjoy a more fulfilling life of extended movement.

When the body doesn’t move, it only gets weaker. Muscles become smaller and even basic movements become impossible. Add that to joint pain; some senior citizens suffer on a daily basis. But when stretching is added to your life, you’ll feel better and joint problems will improve greatly.

In addition, stretching for seniors can improve blood circulation which promotesĀ a healthy heart. It can also reduce symptoms of diseases which attack joints and muscles, while also being beneficial for depression and overall feeling of wellbeing.

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