Thinking about avoiding those “Christmas treats” – rum balls, eggnog, pudding, the gingerbread man or sharing the whole house? 🙂

Our healthy holiday tips:

Reflect on what this time of the year is about.
Enjoy this time of the year, and celebrate with your friends, family and work colleagues; eating and drinking as you share good memories together.

If you feel that you’ve overindulged, don’t sweat it, but aim to eat well the next day with lots of salads, vege’s and of course plenty of water.
Keep hydrated. We often forget to drink enough water when we’re out of our usual routine. Aim for 6-8 glasses every day, minimum.

Look after your mental health. Being kind and generous of heart to others will do you good. Studies show that an attitude of gratitude is good for your mental health wellbeing.