Adaptation Criteria—Did you know that the body can adapt to many stresses placed upon it, subject to certain conditions?

  • Warming up the muscles and joints, with a focus on those areas to be stressed during upcoming exercise movements.
  • Providing the body with sufficient recovery between exercise sessions. This means being aware of physical over-training, and exercising at lower volumes/intensity between harder sessions.
  • Being aware that increases to intensity or volume should be small, progressive and weekly.
  • Being aware of current or previous mechanical impairments: Injury or disease & Poor flexibility
  • Variation in movements. Limiting your range of motion can increase risk of injury.
  • Exercise form needs to be correct and consistent to reduce risk of injury, so that adaptation can occur.

Commencing Level of Fitness
Dramatic gains in fitness levels can often be seen in beginners. This is particularly true for increases in strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and in cardiovascular fitness. Once these initial gains occur, subsequent improvements in fitness tend to increase at a slower rate.

Muscle Memory
Fitness levels will gradually decrease if minimum level of specific training, of intensity, duration and frequency occur. Muscle mass and strength however, can increase to near previously obtained levels in as little as a few weeks to months of training resumption. This also applies to previous training levels reached, decades earlier.

So, when training be safe, supervised and smart!