How’s January working out for you? If you would like to jumpstart your health and wellbeing in February with some SMART Goals, email us with subject heading “Fit.Goals.Feb”.*

Some ideas to help you get started:

  • Arrive to gym on-time 🙂
  • Increase mobility in specific area ie shoulder joint
  • Increase reps or weight for specific movements ie Hanging Leg Raises for 45 seconds – maybe add weight (The Hanging Leg Raise is one of the best exercises for developing abdominal and core strength. Raising your legs engages all of your abs, which makes the exercise better than Crunches. To add another dimension to this challenging exercise, you can also strengthen your obliques by performing leg circles. Plus, hanging from a bar strengthens your grip and forces you to balance and stabilize throughout the movement)
  • Fitness specific (cardio machine calorie goal or distance)
  • Nutrition/hydration focus – keep a food journal and – honestly – document your food, fluid AND WATER intake for the month. hint…coffee/tea is not water :). You might find that your journal indicates that you don’t receive adequate nutrition throughout your day.

These are examples only, but might help you brainstorm some ideas.

Once you’ve come up with your SMART goal, you’ll have a My Goal worksheet to document your journey. BTW, your goal is confidential, however it’s always great to share with others for accountability purposes.

* Fit.Goals.Feb is for current Personal Training clients of Targeted Fitness