It is probably true to say that most people understand the importance of incorporating structured exercise (and incidental exercise), into our everyday lives. As adults, we know that exercise makes us feel good and “clears out the cobwebs”. This is in addition to documented benefits of exercise as a prescriptive medicine. Exercise for children however also helps with their SKILLS DEVELOPMENT.

The challenge for parents is how to find a sport or other physical activity that the kids enjoy, so that they want to exercise. There are plenty of activities available to choose from, including Kids Gym.


SPORTS SKILLS: It is very important that fundamental skills are developed throughout childhood, to include basic sport skills. Some of those skills include Jumping, Climbing, Walking, Hopping, Throwing, Kicking, Hitting, Catching and Running

FUNCTIONAL SKILLS: These necessary skills equip children to do the things in life they need or want to be able to do.
Agility can be described as the ability to change direction quickly, requiring speed, balance, coordination and strength. Agility is incorporated into every Kids Gym session.
Proprioception can be described as the sense of where the body’s parts are in relation to other body parts, including the sense of where a limb is in space. Skipping ropes provide an opportunity to test proprioception.
Balance can be described as the process of keeping the body in an upright position, often referred to as balance or equilibrium.
Reaction time can be described as the time taken to react to a stimulus (muscle response). An example would be seeing a ball coming, hearing and reacting to a starter gun, or avoiding an oncoming player in a game.
Speed can be described as how fast a limb can be moved, such as in hitting a ball, or when running. Speed is determined by strength, power and technique.


Between the ages of 5-9, children begin to play actively with others and they like to belong to a team. Children in this age group also like to make choices and they can also understand some rules, and the decisions made if those rules are broken.

Between the ages of 10-14 years, there is a growing understanding of the importance of friendships. This age group also seeks recognition of competence and peer approval.

At Targeted Fitness, we incorporate these important childhood development stages and skills within our Kids Gym program.

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(Article by: Deborah)