Low back pain is very common. So common, in fact, that most (80%) Australian adults will experience at least one episode of low back pain during their lifetime. Although often very painful, most low back pain is not caused by a serious problem and will resolve with some simple care.
Physical activity is an important part of that care: Managing low back pain— If you simply have low back pain without any other issues, then your pain is likely to be ‘uncomplicated low back pain’ that will resolve. Surprisingly, staying as physically active as possible helps you manage your low back pain. You might also want to apply a heat wrap. Finally, try not to worry too much about your uncomplicated low back pain. This is particularly important because thinking the worst apparently increases the pain.
Exercise is great medicine for low back pain – stay active: There is no specific type of exercise that is concerned with being the best. Just stay as active as you can, allowing for the restrictions in movement that may come with pain. Staying active means different things to different people: think for a moment what staying active means for you. If you enjoy gardening, then staying active may mean pottering in your garden. If you run, staying active may mean continuing but reducing the distances you run each week. Walking, swimming and cycling allow people with low back pain to become active and stay active. Use leisure activities for therapy, helping you to experience the joy and pleasure of movement. While you may be in some pain, staying active prevents loss of physical fitness, muscle strength and cardiorespiratory function; in other words deconditioning.