As Personal Trainers, we are asked (very often) a variety of questions related to fitness, health, nutrition/diets, diagnosing illness and/or pain source, fixing said illnesses, etc. Some of these questions are outside of our scope of practice to help you with. We can and do refer clients to Allied Health Professionals.

If you need specific support in an area that is outside of our scope of practice, we’ve very happy to appropriately refer you.

We are committed to adhering to our Code of Conduct that outlines five key principals: rights, relationships, responsibilities, professional standards and business conduct.

Our professional obligations as registered Exercise Professionals include:

  • Safety
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Pre-exercise health screening for clients
  • Application of first aid when required
  • Fitness assessment and analysis in accordance with knowledge and skill obtained through qualification and/or continuing education
  • Development of safe, effective and appropriate exercise programs tailored to client or group needs
  • Exercise delivery inclusive of demonstrating, instructing, monitoring, reviewing and modifying program content including technique, method and progression
  • Working within professional limitations to provide basic healthy eating information and advice through the application of nationally endorsed nutritional standards and guidelines
  • Provision of general nationally endorsed public health information that will educate and support positive client health outcomes.