During 2021, one of our goals is to encourage you to increase your physical literacy and exercise skill set in a safe and supportive environment. We’re doing this through our bi-monthly Master Series* sessions.

The Master Series sessions will provide you with an opportunity to learn the ins/outs of specific exercise movements and how to safely use exercise tools. For example, we’re kicking off the first session with DEADLIFTS – Regressions and Progressions. Other planned sessions include Kettlebells for Strength, Steel Clubs for shoulder mobility, and intro to Mace training.

The Master Series sessions are $10 each and will be limited to 4- 6 participants per group (depending on session/safety requirements). We expect a waiting list for these sessions, so once details are posted, get in quick!

The second session for 2021 is planned for Saturday 24th April, run by Deb. The focus will be on Clubbells.

Chat with us to secure your spot. We know you’re going to enjoy these the Master Series!

* The Master Series is for current clients of Targeted Fitness