Have you ever struggled in your attempt to meet a specific fitness goal? Do you reach a short-term goal, or certain level of motivation, then seem to regress to a place where you don’t want to be? According to the Transtheoretical Model, also known as the “Stages of Change”, people progress through various stages, associated with behaviour change.

Let’s take a brief look at those stages.

  • Precontemplation
    Individual IS NOT considering change and not ready to change. This person is not aware of their current state of health and fitness, and has no intention of changing – they are far more interested in almost anything else other than becoming more active.
  • Contemplation
    Individual IS considering change and getting ready to do something. This person is aware that a problem exists with their health and fitness and are thinking about changing. They may have considered becoming active due to an external source, such as reading a brochure, watching a TV documentary or hearing a radio campaign.
  • Preparation
    Individual DECIDES on change and is ready to start. This person intends to take some action to change. They may ask friends for a referral to a great fitness centre, or do some research themselves.
  • Action
    Individual CHANGES behaviour (for less than 6 months). This person is now actively involved in improving their level of fitness, health and wellbeing. There is a risk of relapsing to an earlier stage BUT they have at least become active in their lifestyle, which is good news!
  • Maintenance
    Individual CHANGES new behaviour (for more than 6 months). This person works to prevent relapsing to an earlier stage and is really seeing results from gains attained. They are committed to sustaining their new lifestyle.
  • Termination
    Individual is intrinsically motivated, not tempted to relapse and is 100% confident in maintaining their changed behaviour. This person understands the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle, and that the new lifestyle contributes to their current and future enjoyment of life.

Interestingly, we can be in different “stages” working towards separate fitness and also nutritional goals.

Crunch time: do you recognise what stage you are in? Have you resumed some older behaviours, “a fall from grace”? Progressing through the stages is like learning to walk; we fall back from time to time, then with some help we get up and try again.

At Targeted Fitness, we are here to help and support you as you work towards reaching your short term and long-term fitness goals. We are happy to review those goals with you, so speak with your Trainer for a few motivational tips, or book in for a reassessment. A reassessment is great way to look back to where you were when you started, compared to where you are now – you might be surprised and encouraged by what you’ve achieved.