Well here goes!

I often wished that I had invested in my fitness when I was much younger but now, at 61, I believe I am fitter and lighter than I was in my early 30s. While I had always been aware of the need for exercise I lacked time and drive to do anything.  Good excuses!

I bought some gym toys but they went by the wayside. I knew a gym full of equipment would never suit me so I went to a ladies gym but a lack of mental stimulation saw me make excuses why I couldn’t attend. In my early 50s I found a great little local gym and for the first time started to learn about my body’s needs and discovered a love for Pilates . But when it closed I was devastated, thinking I would never find a place that I would feel comfortable to work in.

Thank you Michelle, Matt and the targeted fitness family!!! When I found my way to your place it surpassed my expectations. Over the last few years my physical stamina has improved. The personal programs, encouragement and necessary “tough love” if I whinge or groan has allowed me to break the self-imposed limitations that I had placed on my physical abilities. It is very satisfying when I lift a heavier weight, plank that extra few seconds or manage to get those little legs up in hundreds.

While my journey has not been without difficulties – a torn meniscus while bush walking and a knee op to follow – it could have been easy to say too hard – just rest up  – but Michelle and her team has worked with the injuries, aches and pains to bring about great results for me. Last month I was able to do the 110 km of the Great Ocean Walk and I was well chuffed! I want my 60s to continue to be a time to invest in my health and who knows what I’ll achieve?


In 2013 a visit to the Doctor revealed I had high blood pressure, knees that didn’t work, back and hip pain and weighed 111kg. The doctor suggested I go to the gym and get moving. So off I went.  It was very scary, I did Heart Moves(low to moderate exercise) for the first 6 months. Over time my confidence grew  and I decided to join the group sessions on Tuesday & Friday. I still couldn’t get down onto the floor, or do much of the program given to me, nevertheless I continued on, going 3 days a week. However I wasn’t losing any weight.

In 2017 I realised things had to change and with the support of my Doctor, Michelle, Matt and friends, I started on my journey.  I gave up coke, junk food and ate more healthy food, something I continue to this day. I have now lost 20kg and am a lot fitter.

For the last 7 months I have been attending the gym 5 days per week and do a total of 6 classes.  When people say “can you do something for me”, I say “sorry I can’t I have go to the gym”.  Throughout my journey at the gym my confidence has soared. I’ve new friends and I now appreciate what my body can do. I can now lift weights and do the floor work that I couldn’t do before. With the encouraging words from friends, Michelle and Matt (my trainers) I’m sure I can reach my goal weight of 80kg (a little less would be a bonus).

Once again thank you Targeted Fitness, Michelle and Matt. You’re the best.



Rae before and after

Two years ago, when the ‘before’ picture was taken I was 64 years old, 171cm tall and weighed about 98kg, the most I’d been since 2010 when I got down to 74kg with help from Michelle’s team. I continued coming to the gym, but my weight stayed close to 100kg with intermittent half-hearted attempts to lose weight until August 2018. When my mother passed away at 95, I decided to get a full medical check-up, which confirmed that I have Type 2 Diabetes as well as an enlarged liver (not from alcohol, probably from blood sugar). Because my fasting blood sugar was 10.6, the Dr put me on 1000mg of Metformin, a drug that brings blood sugar down. That was September 20, 2018.

Not happy at the prospect of taking “the big three” meds (blood pressure, cholesterol and Diabetes) for the rest of my life, I determined to make some changes. Straight away, I pretty much cut out bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and sweet things, as well as alcohol. In November, Ray and I began following Dr Michael Moseley’s 8-week Blood Sugar Diet. This is based on research that indicates fast weight loss, especially in newly diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes, gives a good chance of reversing the disease. It’s very low calorie, hig nutrient, low-carb, high protein, Mediterranean-style eating. Three meals a day and minimal snacks.

It worked for us. By mid-December, I had lost 14kg, my blood pressure and cholesterol were in a healthy range and my HbA1c was 6.0 (fasting blood sugar mostly in the 5s). The Metformin dose was halved. Other benefits are huge improvements in muscle pain and weakness, knee pain, foot pain, flexibility, energy and sleep, not to mention a very “disturbed” digestive system. Even my eyes feel better because there is less fat in my eyelids – and I don’t care about the wrinkles!

I am very grateful to Michelle, her staff and clients at Targeted Fitness who have continued to give me encouragement and praise along the way. If anything that I have learned can help others, I’m very happy to share.

Now I am consuming slightly more calories (about 1100 a day), still the same Mediterranean-style diet. Planning ahead and only buying what I need for the meals is key for us. Over Christmas and summer holidays, I’ve lost another 5kg. Ray has lost 13kg since October and we figure that, with 32kg less load in the car, we must be saving on fuel too!


Dear Michelle,

I cannot thank you enough. The past 8 months since the accident have been a challenge for want of a better word. I have always believed my glass is half full not half empty, regardless of circumstance…

…the thought I may just not have to live with the decreased mobility and pain is absolutely mind blowing. 

And I’ll be working hard at this every single day learning and practicing these new found skills…more of those essential life long survival skills me thinks.

Many thanks for your encouragement and patience. You are such an inspiration and a very dedicated professional.


June 2018 – Being part of the Targeted Fitness family has been transforming…

As a younger bloke, I’d participated in plenty of fitness events – running a few ½ marathons and the Canberra marathon, some local triathlons, and a few long-distance bike rides. My wife and I would also do those crazy Step Classes and Aerobic Classes that were popular back in the day.

Now at 53, I thought I was reasonably fit and healthy, but for my wife…She gently but persistently encouraged me to book in for a Fitness Assessment at Targeted, as she was concerned about my physical wellbeing. I had probably let a few things slide over a period of 20+ years – kids, life, commitments, that sort of thing.

That was about 12 months ago.

The Assessment highlighted a few areas that needed work; areas that were starting to affect my everyday movements. My posture was shot, abdominal strength not optimal and I had very tight leg muscles which affected my flexibility. I’d never been able to touch my toes, but during the Assessment I could barely reach my knees.

Participating in the Strongman monthly events this year also highlighted a weakness that I’ve endured for over 20 years – a sharp painful elbow issue that presented itself mainly when lifting weights. Because I’m a “go hard or go home” type of bloke, I endured the pain for a few decades, but finally listened to the Trainers advice (and my wife’s) and sought help with the team from Hunter Performance Physio. Surprise, surprise – after a few physio sessions, and doing the “at home” prescribed exercises, I am now pretty much pain free.

Matt developed a program that helped me increase flexibility, strength and cardio fitness. Flexibility has been the most challenging aspect of training, but I can now touch my toes!

I’m so thankful for the hard work and dedication of all the staff at Targeted Fitness, and it shows. I would also say that I’m the strongest that I’ve ever been. Not bad for a Grandad.

Going to the gym is one of the highlights of my week. My wife’s happy with the changes too, which makes me happy. You know what they say, “happy wife…”


December 13th 2017 – I have been going to personal training with Michelle for over a year now and it has continued to be so helpful.

When I started with Michelle at Targeted Fitness I could barely stand a couple of minutes and was very deconditioned because of a medical condition. I could barely lift 0.5kg weights and had not been in a gym in years.

Michelle has been able to find ways of adjusting normal exercises to meet my abilities, and over the past year I have achieved more than I could’ve hoped for.

Michelle continually finds new activities for me to try and continues to push me, whilst being aware of my limitations.

Being able to improve my strength, balance, endurance and muscle tone has helped in all aspects of my life and I credit a large part of this to my PT sessions with Michelle.


July 2018 – I’ve been a member of Targeted Fitness for almost three years now and to say it has changed my life is an understatement. It started with a need to get on top of a back problem.

The thought of starting on my first day was scary, so I began with some PT sessions. When my confidence level grew I joined group sessions and started going more regularly. I now train or do Pilates almost every day of the week! injury. I had known Michelle for years and having never walked into a gym in my life, I knew she would make me feel comfortable the moment I walked in.

Over the past 6 months I’ve struggled with injuries, but Michelle, Matt and the team are always willing to change up an exercise to suit my ability on the day. They have also worked with my physio to ensure that the program I’m doing is suitable for my injury and helping with my recovery.

Throughout my time at Targeted Fitness my confidence has soared, I’ve met new lifelong friends and I now have a massive appreciation for what my body can do and how exercise supports my mental health.

I’ll miss seeing my Gym family every day, but my own personal growth as a result of being a part of that family is something that I will treasure. Targeted Fitness is not just a gym, it’s somewhere that you can feel safe and be surrounded by encouraging people that only want to see you succeed.



I had a total hip replacement at 59yrs of age and after my recovery time felt I needed to get my cardio and fitness levels up.

Never having ever set foot in a gym, I was somewhat intimidated by the prospect!

However I am very glad I did and chose Targeted Fitness based on it being small and private. Michelle and her wonderful team have been very thorough and professional from the start.

A fitness assessment is undertaken along with expectations and goals which was very thorough and an individual program is then set.

I like that one is not aggressively pushed to work hard but there is more than enough encouragement and support to achieve your goals and actually improve your fitness levels.

I can’t speak more highly of this facility and of all the dedicated staff that work hard to make it happen.


August 2017 – ‘Hi there fellow gym devotees…….Neil and I (Margarete ) have recently undertaken a 4WD holiday with lots of hiking. We were pleasantly surprised to find that one session of gym per week and a reasonably active lifestyle put us in good shape for our adventurous holiday.

The photos give you a bit of an idea of the kind of walking we did. The Outer Rim hike to St Mary’s Peak saddle (1000m) at   Wilpena Pound was 6.6 kilometres of steep, rugged terrain as the photo shows, with the return on the inner rim rugged, but not as steep. In total 21.5 kilometres!! We both expected to be quite sore in the following days but it was not the case. I found I had enough strength in my legs to clamber up the steep rock face and plenty of energy for the longer return hike thanks to the team at TF for their guidance and training.

N & M Ritchie